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About Sinead

Sinead finds solace and inspiration amidst the wonders of nature. Using acrylics as the medium of choice, she alters the paint's consistency, and uses various tools and techniques, striving to capture the dynamic essence of the world around us. In a mesmerising dance of colours and forms, paintings come to life. The acrylics flow and intertwine, creating textures that are as intricate as the secrets of a deep, enchanted forest and as full of life as a stormy sea. It's a canvas where movement is not limited to the stroke of a brush but extends to the very essence of the scene, her paintings are full of life and motion, overflowing with the energy of the natural world.


Since becoming a parent, Sinead has also discovered a new love in children's patterns and illustrations. In a break from the more serious (and messy) fine art, Sinead enjoys creating whimsical animal characters that resonate with her own children. Her inspiration comes from timeless classics like Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit. Although  in some ways the illustration is very different from the acrylic paintings there is a strong connection between animals, flowers and nature that flow through all of her artwork and the different forms of creativity all feed each other, the whimsical illustrations and patterns allow for a different kind of freedom, that of a childlike freedom and fun.

Sinead has been exhibiting work regularly for the past 12 years. Having work shown in the Royal Academy in London, the New Wave gallery in Swanage and Chalk's gallery in Lymington, as well as regularly exhibiting at Purbeck art weeks and Dorset art weeks. 

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